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Terms and Conditions

1. Evidence of a boarding Pet’s currency of vaccination for Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Bordatella bronchisepta and Parainfluenza (known collectively as a C5 vaccine) must be provided to Kuranda Pet Resort (KPR) prior to entry of the Pet to our facility;

2. Boarding fees are charged on a daily (not nightly) basis. Fees apply for the day of arrival and the day of departure. Fees are charged as per the rate current at the time of boarding and not at the time of booking or prior quotes;

3. If the proprietor or a staff member believes it necessary for a boarding Pet to see a Veterinary Surgeon at any time, the owner of the Pet agrees to pay the full veterinary bill, any transport costs involved and any ongoing treatment costs incurred. All reasonable attempts will be made to contact the Pet’s owner prior to attending the Vet;

4. Pets boarded at KPR are cared for to the highest practical standard. If however a pet, for unforeseen circumstances, is injured or becomes ill or deceased, KPR, the Proprietors or Staff accept no liability;

5. KPR accepts no responsibility for any belongings of the Pet or Owner being lost or damaged. This includes leads, collars, Council or other tags, bedding and toys;

6. Balance of boarding accounts must be paid in full on collection of the Pet or KPR may hold the Pet until full payment is made, including payment for the extended period of boarding;

7. If the Pet is not collected within 14 days of the booked departure date and the owner has not contacted KPR to reconfirm a new date for collection of the Pet, KPR has the right to re-home the Pet; and

8. KPR encourages Pets to socialize during playtime, and owners must inform KPR staff or the Proprietors if they do NOT wish their Pet to be socialized.

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